blind date

Ways to Have an Awesome Blind Date

Whether you have been set up on a blind date or are meeting someone for the first time, there are some basic guidelines that men and women must adhere to. Here’s how to enjoy a blind date:

Throw out any and all expectations.

Even if you had an amazing, two-hour phone conversation and his online profile was custom written for you, do not expect Mr. Perfect. No one can live up to that. To make sure you don’t build up the date in your mind too much, stay busy beforehand. Also, it’s not mean you should have low expectations — just have no expectations.

Wear something you love.

Put on something you’re comfortable in, that you like, and that you don’t have to think about once you walk out the door. When you feel good about yourself, you emote confidence, rather than insecurity and neediness.

Open your mind.

You can’t know everything about a person up front, so don’t be quick to judge. Remember: chemistry can grow; people will grow on you when you get to know them; and some people are nervous on dates. As long as you’re not a total misanthrope, you’re capable of enjoying almost any human being—you just have to keep an open mind.

Don’t complain.

Stay positive and keep things light. If he/she complains, change the subject.

Watch the alcohol.

Don’t drink more than two cocktails because you need clarity. Though nerves can tempt you to take that one calming drink, override that impulse and meet your date with clarity.

Find the funny.

Laughter is the best medicine for a crappy date. What’s humorous about your surroundings? If the guy has the sense of humor of a wet mop, take notes and laugh later with your friends.

Learn more.

If you don’t care to learn anything about this guy, what can you learn from him? Can you get some investment advice? Industry gossip? Maybe he can fix the settings on your camera.

Get up and do something.

If the guy is repulsive, uninteresting, and/or extremely unintelligent, try not to sit and stare. You’ll fixate on whatever it is that’s bugging you. Get up and get him involved in an activity you enjoy no matter what—pick out songs on the jukebox, play pool, order ice cream, take a walk, or place bets on the teams playing on the bar’s TV.

So if you want to ensure that you have a great time on your blind date, remember this basic etiquette tips. Learn to be genuinely warm the very second you meet your date for the first time. When you warm up to your date, your date will feel more comfortable around you. And that would leave both of you feeling relaxed and happy to be with each other within a few seconds of meeting each other.