For Lonely Hearts

Some people seem comfortable being by themselves. But while for her solitude was a choice, for many people, social isolation is not.

Being lonely is even worse if we feel lonesome when we are with others. This paradox of lonely hearts can happen when we feel like people around us don’t understand us or don’t really care about us. We can feel isolated and alone in a room full of people, trapped in our mind. But when we are around others and engaged in conversation and activities, we are less likely to focus on ourselves and our problems.

Here are some suggestions for lonely hearts:
  • Hang out with friends – call your single friends. Ask if they’d like to join you for dinner, a drink, a movie or some window shopping. Or invite them for card or video games.
  • Stop Light Party – get invited to one of these parties where people who are in a relationship wear red, people who are not committed wear yellow and single people wear green. If no one is giving one, is it feasible for you and a few friends to throw it?
  • Visit family – see what family members are up to and if appropriate, join them in whatever it is.
  • Buy yourself flowers – take time to enjoy the color and fragrance of each blossom.
  • Get some quality chocolates – make them last by eating them slowly and relishing the flavors.
  • Prepare yourself a special meal or get your favorite take out – use your best dinnerware and savor every bite.
  • Watch a special movie – Make some popcorn and sprinkle it with a little fun, like your favorite cheese, nuts or mini-candies.

The best is yet to come for lonely hearts! It is time to start paving your future pathway with brilliant rainbow colors!

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