Perfect Date Ideas

How to Plan a Romantic Date

You worked up the nerve, asked out your crush, and the answer was “Yes!” — now what? Whether you go with the classic and reliable dinner-and-a-movie date or choose something more adventurous, the main goal is to plan a perfect date with  something fun with a romantic element. As long as you put some thought into your date partner’s preferences, you’re bound to have a good time. Here are some romantic ideas for a perfect date.

1. Select a date activity. In general, the person who asks for a date also chooses the activities-however, it is perfectly appropriate (and advisable) to ask the other person’s input. If you do not know your date very well, (especially on a first date) you might want to choose an activity with broad appeal that most people enjoy. That way chances are high that the two of you will have a great time.Try one of these typical date night venues:

  • Be tourists in your own city. Go for a walk in the city’s prettiest park, visit a museum you have been meaning to go to, or take a ferry ride so you can appreciate the beautiful skyline.
  • Get tickets to see a movie. In general, pick a broadly popular one. Generally, choose romantic comedies or action movies over serious dramas and gory war movies.
  • Find a place to see live music concert . This could be a restaurant, coffeehouse, or bar. But it could be a free outdoor concert.
  • Catch a sporting event, such as baseball, football, hockey, basketball, or whatever is playing tonight.
  • Go to a restaurant, ice cream parlor, coffeehouse, food truck, or bar (if appropriate).
  • Go to an amusement park or state fair. Usually there is a little something for everyone, including rides, games, food, shows, and so on.

2. Plan an adventure. If you think he or she will appreciate something a little more adventurous, you have many options for planning a fantastic date. Doing something that may be a little scary and crazy together is a great way to have fun, bond and get to know each other better. Just be sure it is relatively safe, and is not too “out there” for either of you to handle. Here are some perfect date ideas:

  • Go to an amusement park and ride roller coasters together. Holding hands afterward on the Ferris wheel is also a plus.
  • Go to a water park and take advantage of the water slides. Remember to tell your date to bring a bathing suit!
  • Try an adventure sport together. Skiing, snowboarding, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, rock climbing, rappelling and caving are all great options.
  • Look into skydiving, bungee jumping for real adrenaline junkies!
  • Take or rent some bicycles and hit the bike path.
  • Try something really different that neither have you have tried before: learn to play a didgeridoo, take a tango class, a theater improvisation workshop, make Mongolian cuisine, take a lesson on curling. Not all adventures have to be highly physical dares; sometimes an artistic, intellectual, or musical adventure is just as thrilling or interesting!

3. Make it ultra romantic. If your idea of the perfect date is one that’s sweet from start to finish, plan a day that gives you and your date plenty of alone time and chances to help those first feelings of love grow ever stronger. Choosing a beautiful setting is key, so find a spot in your area that’s unquestionably pretty and an activity that does not require the two of you to get covered in dirt or sweat. Try one of these:

  • Go for a walk on the shore of an ocean, lake, pond or river. Any kind of water will provide the perfect setting for romance to happen. If there’s a pretty stone bridge, stroll over it. If the area has boat rentals, rent a rowboat or paddle boat so you can spend some romantic time in the water without getting wet.
  • Walk around the historical section of town, preferably a street lined with quaint cafes, ice cream shops and cute boutiques where you can buy each other sweet gifts.
  • Book tickets to a play. It helps if the play has a romantic element and a happy ending, since a sad play could upset the night’s mood. If you don’t like plays, go to a planetarium or another place that will give the two of you time to spend in the dark next to each other.

Source: Wikihow